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Paragliding in Reunion Island 

Make your dream come true



Reunion Island offers an unmatched flying environment!

We will take you under our wing and you’ll fly over the outstanding landscape of saint leu (west coast), with the magic sensation of flying like a bird!

Let yourself be surprised by the amazing view, fly over the sugar canes, the botanical garden, the ravines and end your flight gliding above Indian Ocean where you may see some turtles, dolphins and even whales according to the season!

You will softly land on the beach after an acrobatic session over the lagoon if you request it (and only if you request it!)

Everybody can fly: children from 5 years old, athletic or not, reckless or shy, there is no violent effort neither fears of heights with paragliding! You’ll just have to scamper a few steps before you softly take off!

Your flying position is as comfortable as a recliner!

AIRTEAM PARAPENTE is a team of experienced and passionate state qualified instructors, who are committed to provide you with an exceptional first flight!

We will invest all of our energy to make this flight unforgettable, from the moment you arrive at the meeting point (paragliding landing area in Saint Leu, just nearby the KELONIA turtle park) 


Come and enjoy an outstanding experience with us!



Our main flights (Take off  800m height)

  •  kids flight: 65€ from 5 to 12 years old ( 15/20 minutes)


  • Ballad: 75€, a soft ride in the air over St Leu and its lagoon (15/20 minutes)

  • Acendances: 95€, a hiking in the air, chasing the thermals to fly twice as long over gorgeous landscape (30/40 minutes)

  • Nirvana: 110€, a real “air safari” over Saint Leu’s area, longer and higher (approx.1 hour)

  • Apero team: 90€, A flight + aperitif on the beach at the end of the flight (homemade coco punch or soft drinks, appetizers etc…) (20/30 minutes)


Our exceptional flights:

  • Panoramique: 110€, A take-off from 1500 m altitude to fly over Saint Leu’s heights outstanding view before landing on the beach (25/45 mn)

  • Le Maïdo: 230€, flying over the mythic Mafate circus, this flight is considered as one of the 20th most beautiful flights in the world! (1/1.30 hour)

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